Nipple Correction

Inverted Nipple Correction
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A nipple correction surgery might be needed after a breastfeeding period or due to an inverted nipple (nipple retracted beneath the dermis). This being a safe and effective surgical procedure.  More than 20% of men and women suffer this condition, likely provoking a negative effect in the way they perceive their self-image.


30 min



Fit to go back to work

3-5 days

Fit for everyday activities

next day



Recovery time

10 days

Surgical nipple reconstruction techniques and scar location

Tiny incisions are made at the base of the nipple, liberating the inverted tissue, sealing and fixing the new position with a percutaneous stitching. In some cases, and as an alternative, fat injection might be advised to prevent the ducts reconnecting and, therefore, the reappearance of the condition.

The resulting scar is located at the base of the nipple and is almost invisible.

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Postoperative care

The stitches will be removed in 10-14 days after surgery.

The nipple correction intervention does not significantly alter skin sensitivity.

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