Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Grafting
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Based on advanced lipotransfer techniques, facial fat grafting has entirely changed the concept of facial rejuvenation. This procedure allows us to restore volume loss, one of the main factors of facial ageing, without leaving any scars. Furthermore, taking advantage of the adipose cells properties we are able to optimise skin texture and quality. This technique can be performed as a main procedure or combined with a blepharoplasty or a facelift among others.

Dr. Richard Fakin scientific contributions to the fields of fat transfer and stem cell effects have made of him a leading expert of these innovative, surgical techniques.

The fat grafting technique must be performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon, using the appropriate technology and equipment, in order to maximise its potential and delivering long-lasting results.


60-120 min



Fit to go back to work

2 – 3 days

Fit for everyday activities

2 – 3 days


Sedation or local

Recovery time

7-10 days

Which facial fat grafting technique is best for each patient?

Dermis type, age and facial anatomy are crucial factors when determining which fat transfer technique is best suited to each patient. We mainly use two types of facial fat:

  • Micro-fat, purified and centrifuged fat graft, used to restore volume in certain facial areas, applied to different subcutaneous planes
  • Nanofat, is a micro-fat liquid directly injected into the skin without adding volume to it, but thanks to its rich stem cell concentration and their effect on the dermis, significantly rejuvenates the skin
  • In most cases, both fat graft types are applied

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How is facial fat transfer performed?

This type of intervention usually requires deep sedation under local anaesthesia. In the first place, fat is harvested from predetermined body areas, it is then purified and injected to specific facial areas, leaving no scars whatsoever.

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How long will facial fat grafts last?

Long-lasting and natural looking results are achieved by following the established protocols and making use of the appropriate technology.

The fat transfer technique restores volume to desired facial areas. It can also fill wrinkles, the nasolabial fold, lips and other areas.

This procedure delivers long-lasting results, though dependent on each patient’s life style.

To learn more about our facial fat grafting procedures, see our Instagram posts

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