Facial feminisation

Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS)

Facial feminisation (FFS) is a surgical concept that comprises a series of facial interventions, with the goal of procuring trans-women with a more feminine look in accordance to their identity.  For many of our patients, this is a fundamental step to boosting their life quality and self-esteem.

Every face is unique, just as the personality behind it. An individual approach and the appropriate selection of surgical procedures are crucial to attaining successful, desired and durable results.

FFS demands a global understanding of the patient’s unique facial features, anatomical harmony and balance between mind and self-image. Our face allows us to convey a sincere and powerful self-image without words.


60-180 min


same or next day

Fit to go back to work

10-14 days

Fit for everyday activities

1 week



Recovery time

1 month

Facial feminisation surgical techniques.

Frontal feminisation:

We contour the complete forehead bone and especially reduce supra-orbital bones bossing (excess bone above eyebrows). We also reduce the bone contour of the superior orbital ridge so as to make the eyes look bigger and simultaneously perform an indirect brow lift, lifting the position of the eyebrows without any visible scars.

Feminising rhinoplasty (nose):

The prominent nasal bone is reduced, shaping a feminine contour. Next, after a curvy nose shape has been achieved, the cartilage of the nasal tip is slightly lifted, increasing the angle of the nasal base from 90 to 100 degrees.


Their volume is enhanced employing hyaluronic acid or the patient´s own fat. If needed, we reduce the distance between the upper lip and the nasal base (lip lift).

Cheekbones (malar area):

This area is lifted employing techniques such as: hyaluronic acid filling, fat grafting or cheekbone implants, which add volume and, of course, a substantial facial projection. This procedure also procures a younger-looking appearance. In some cases, a bichatectomy can be performed, reusing the excess fat harvested from the area below the cheeks, to make the cheek area appear more prominent.

Jaw and chin:

The mentoplasty technique allows us to feminise the chin´s appearance, sculpturing from a masculine “U” into a feminine “V” shape. The jaw angle and line are also reduced at their base, decreasing its volume and contributing to a more feminine look.


Through our use of advanced technology and dermo aesthetic products, it is possible to feminise skin colour and texture.


Transferring the patient´s own fat (autologous fat), we are able to add volume and feminise areas such as lips, cheeks, temples, etc…


Excess fat and skin are removed from the upper and lower eyelids and specific retouches are performed, for a more feminine look of the peri-ocular area.

To learn more about our facial feminisation procedures for trans-women, see our Instagram posts


Where are scars located after a FFS?

The forehead feminisation scars are usually left behind the hair line, where they remain imperceptible.

The incisions for the cheekbone, jaw and chin are performed inside the mouth, thus leaving no visible scars.

The nose surgery technique can either be closed or open, leaving behind invisible scars.

To learn more about our facial feminisation procedures for trans-women, see our Facebook posts

Expectations and results

Small facial changes contribute to make a big difference in appearance and perception, achieving a more feminine global look. Our patients tell us how satisfied they feel with their new look and with how they are perceived by people in their social circle.

To learn more about our facial feminisation procedures for trans-women, see our Instagram posts

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