Mastectomy for trans-men

Mastectomy for trans-men
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For most trans-men their breast removal is a crucial surgical step in their body affirming and masculinisation. By having a masculine-looking torso, our patients can enjoy a better life quality; for instance, practising sports, swimming or dressing without needing to wear breast compression garments or just living unashamed. Mastectomy is a safe and effective surgery, which will immediately contribute to treating the dysphoria and boost self-confidence.

There are numerous surgical techniques to be selected depending on the patient’s chest anatomy. Most of them are  combined with a simultaneous liposuction for a more masculine and balanced appearance. It is also important to adjust and masculinise the nipple size, shape and positioning.

We are specialised in surgical techniques which contour an optimal shape, whilst applying minimal scars. We very well know that a masculine-looking chest is crucial for our patients, but scars resulting from a mastectomy surgery can be stigmatising for many trans-men. For this reason, we follow a postoperative, custom-tailored protocol to minimise scars as much as possible.

Dr. Richard Fakin’s possess a vast  expertise in advanced male chest contouring surgical procedures. He and his professional team are committed to successfully bringing together mastectomy and aesthetic results. We are proud of contributing to improve trans-men life quality.


60-180 min


same or next day

Fit to go back to work

10 days

Fit for everyday activities

7 days



Recovery time

4-6 weeks

Surgical techniques

These techniques aim to remove glandular and adipose tissue, to completely eliminate the submammary fold, tighten the skin lining, perform a contour liposuction, reduce the areola size and give it a more oval shape and reposition it laterally. In exceptional circumstances, if the breasts are very large, it is necessary to detach the nipple and use it as a free graft. Each procedure is individually assessed based upon size, shape and, both nipple and breast, positioning, in addition to patients’ wishes.

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What are the scars like and where are they located?

At Dr. Richard Fakin’s clinics, we perform the shortest possible scars, making them almost imperceptible. Nonetheless, scar length is determined by breast size and position.


A scar around the nipple (areola) only, practically invisible between normal skin and the hyperpigmented area. Performed when breast size is small to medium.


Additional horizontal scars to the sides of nipple or, if the patient so wishes, located in the inframammary fold. Performed when breast size is medium to large.

Free nipple graft:

Scars are performed along the inframammary fold; the nipple, with an oval shape, is transplanted as free graft and placed in the correct anatomical position. It is used for large/gigantic sizes.

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Postoperative care

At Dr. Richard Fakin’s clinics we follow protocols that allow us to greatly minimise discomfort. Generally, we perform a transitory paralysation of the local sensitive nerves, substantially diminishing any discomfort during the postoperative.

We provide our patients with a compression vest that should be worn for at least 6 weeks. Wearing it will contribute to attain the desired masculine physique, as well as helping the skin to retract after the intervention.

To learn more about our female-to-male chest surgery, see Instagram posts

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