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Regenerative medicine has the power to be used in countless ways, transforming regenerative procedures to a level never experienced to this day. It consists of stimulating regenerative development through growth factors that are responsible for any healing process. PRP is a substance rich in growth factors obtained from a prepared blood test. This substance has the virtue of being used in procedures to promote collagen stimulation or strengthening healing processes. The professionals that make up Dr. Richard Fakin ‘s team know that PRP is an excellent treatment that serves as strengthening and that it can be used in combination with innumerable surgical interventions, fat grafting , procedures against androgenetic alopecia, etc.


15  minutes

Discharge from the clinic

The same day

Back to work

The same day

Fit for society

The same day


None or numbing cream

Full recovery

Do not rub the area or exercise for 24 hours

Reasons to opt for botox

The decrease in bone structure, fat volume and the weakening of the dermis are sequelae caused by the aging process, since it causes a decrease in the firmness of the facial soft tissues, leading to greater muscle mobility and resulting muscle hyperactivity. to the absence of fixation. The superimposed dermis begins to be reflected in each facial movement, showing the first signs of wrinkles.

Our commitment is not reduced simply to rejuvenating our patients, rather to prevent the aging process, it is for this reason that we use botulinum toxin to recover a fresher and more youthful appearance for as long as possible.

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What is important to know before applying botulinum toxin?

Usually, botulinum toxin does not have an inaction time. The period of action is around 4-6 months, depending on the area to be supplied. the injected density and the absence of fat volume in the specific area to be treated. It is considered an excellent procedure to be performed independently or in fusion with various treatments such as injectable fillers, dermis boosters, ipl, shallow exfoliants in the first 24 hours.

It does not require elaboration, but from our clinics we suggest that women who wish to get tattoos in the eyebrow area, carry out the procedure within 15 days. The subsequent treatment is simple and we only advise not to rub the specific area or practice physical exercise during the first 24 hours after treatment.

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