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Facial feminization surgery (FFS)

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Facial feminization (FFS) is a common surgical concept involving a set of facial interventions that give trans women a more feminine appearance and according to their identity. For many of our patients, the feminization of the face is essential to achieve a better quality of life and self-esteem.

Each face is unique and unrepeatable as the character that composes it. An independent vision and the correct choice of the right surgical procedures are essential to obtain successful, desired and lasting results over time.

Facial feminization surgery requires taking into account the harmony and overall proportions of your face, as well as the match between your mind and your image. The face allows us to express to the world without the need for words a sincere and powerful projection of ourselves.


60-180 min


The same day or the next day

Fit to go back to work

10 – 14 days

Fit for everyday activities

1 week



Recovery time

1 month

Surgical techniques in facial feminization intervention

Feminization of the forehead:
We model the entire bone of the forehead and above all reduce the prominence of the supra-orbital bones (excess bone above the eyebrows), reduce the frontal orbital edge, brow lift and sometimes the descent of the hairline.

Feminizing rhinoplasty (nose):
We proceed to the reduction of the prominent nasal bone, configuring the feminization of its silhouette, then we perform a slight lifting and, always at the patient’s wish, the curvature of its tip and the lifting of the base of the nose.

We enhance its volume by supplying hyaluronic acid or using its own fat. We reduce, whenever necessary, the distant space between the upper lip and the base of the nose by performing a lip lift.


Cheekbones (Malar Area):
This area is increased thanks to the use of various techniques such as; fillers with hyaluronic acid, fat grafts or cheek implants, which offer an increase in volume and of course, a significant improvement in facial projection. This intervention also enhances the appearance of a more youthful face. In some cases a bichectomy can be performed, taking advantage of the excess fat located in the cheeks (bichat balls) to fill and give a more voluminous appearance to the cheekbones.

Jaw and Chin:
Mentoplasty allows to feminize the shape of the chin (chin) transforming the male shape in “U” towards a more feminine shape in “V”. Similarly, the angle and mandibular line are reduced at their base, thus reducing their volume and feminizing the lower part of the face.

Thanks to the latest generation appliances and dermoaesthetic treatments and dermatological products we can feminize the texture and color of the skin.

With the transparency of own fat we can volumize and feminize the areas of the face such as cheekbones, lips, temporal area and in the supraciliary area.

Clears the look, removing excess skin from the upper and / or lower eyelids and with specific modifications can feminize the peri-ocular area.

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Where are the scars located after a facial feminization intervention?

In the feminization of the forehead the scar is normally located in the scalp area so it remains imperceptible.

The scars of the intervened areas in cheekbones, jaw and chin are inside the mouth, being imperceptible in the same way.

The nose intervention can be performed with both the open and closed method leaving minimally visible scars.

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Expectations and results

Small changes contribute to making a big difference allowing to feminize the overall perception of the face. Our patients convey their satisfaction with their new image and with the perception they receive of it in their social environment.

Thanks to the most advanced surgical techniques, complementary treatments and our state-of-the-art appliances we can obtain immediate and lasting results effectively and safely.

Learn more about Facial Feminization interventions for Transgender Women on our Instagram profile.


Real before and after cases

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