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Breast Reconstruction

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The female breast is an inherent symbol of femininity and beauty. Its ageing, changes in its anatomy due to cancer or other conditions may have a negative psychological impact. Reconstruction using own autologous tissue and/or silicone implants, are among the most common techniques. Next-generation reconstructive techniques and modern surgical concepts make it possible for an immediate reconstruction in a single session, as breast removal (mastectomy) or in separate ones. Our goal is not only to perform a breast reconstruction but to enhance our patient’s life quality.

Breast reconstruction is a therapeutic or prophylactic multidisciplinary concept, where reparative, as well as aesthetic surgery come together to deliver a functional and natural result.


60-180 min


same or next day

Fit to go back to work

7-10 days

Fit for everyday activities

5-10 days



Recovery time

4-6 weeks


JOY is an all-in-one program that provides women with a premium breast augmentation experience. It includes the latest Motiva® implant technology through Ergonomix2® a minimal-incision procedure delivered by JOY partners, and support for their journey through our interactive digital tools. It’s an honor for Dr.Fakin to be part of this proyect.

Técnicas quirúrgicas en reconstrucción mamaria

There are several specific procedures related to mastectomy and/or to the following reconstruction techniques. The appropriate intervention is decided based on the tumour type and size that define the breast, dermis or nipple resection area. The patient’s preferences are of crucial importance when making a decision, though always taking into consideration the oncological concepts.

Autologous Breast Reconstruction:

Breast can be reconstructed using the body’s own tissue, for example with transferred fat or with muscle or fasciocutaneous flap, either pedicled or free. These reconstructive techniques can be combined with a silicone implant. Free flaps are tissues from  distant areas body  areas (such as big back muscle or tummy fat), requiring microsurgical vessel anastomosis. The most common flaps are DIEP (tissue transfer from the navel lower area) or PAP (upper thigh area).

Reconstruction using an implant:

This breast reconstruction procedure does not require using other body parts. It is performed directly using the silicone implants. If the patient does not have the sufficient skin, a previous expander implant is required. An expander is a temporary expandable prothesis used to stretch the breast’s skin. Once the expander’s volume matches that of the breast desired size, the expander is exchanged for a permanent prothesis. Additionally, to guarantee a stable implant positioning with the adequate coverage, an acellular dermal matrix (ADM) can be applied. It assists in the tissue lining by working as an internal bra. Given a wide range of sizes, settings and diverse implant textures, a careful choice will render an excellent, balanced and natural look.

Supplementary fat graft:

This grafting procedure is considered as an excellent alternative or supplementary technique to optimise breast contour, size, shape and coverage.

Nipple reconstruction:

This is the final procedure of the entire breast reconstruction process. A local flap or coming from the other nipple is used to accomplish a symmetrical, harmonious and natural looking nipple.

To learn more about our Breast Reconstruction surgeries using implants, see our Instagram posts.

More about Breast Reconstruction with implants and scars

Previously existing scars, caused by a prior mastectomy, can be reused to position a new implant. In the case of an insufficient skin lining, a temporary expander implant will help recover enough skin to obtain the desired breast size. The expander implant will be regularly injected with saline to procure the desired breast size. By filling the expander, the skin will evenly grow. After reaching the desired size, the expander will be exchanged for a silicone implant.

To learn more about our Breast Reconstruction surgeries using implants, see our Facebook posts.

Postoperative care after a Breast Reconstruction surgery

At our clinics, we are fully committed to guiding and walking alongside our patients during the postoperative process.

In all cases we temporary anaesthetize the local sensitive nerves, highly reducing any postoperative discomfort. Stitches are almost always dissolvable, making their removal unnecessary.

We provide our patients with a special bra after surgery, which they will need to wear for 4-6 weeks. During which time it is highly recommendable not to lift anything heavier than 5kg and to avoid any fitness practice that involves weightlifting.

To learn more about our Breast Reconstruction surgeries using implants, see our Instagram posts.

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