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One of the essential reasons at the beginning of the facial aging process is the decrease in bone structure, which begins after 25 years of age. From PD Dr. Richard Fakin ‘s clinics in Madrid and Zurich, we are convinced that the regeneration of fat volume and bone architecture are essential bases in the three-dimensional concept of facial rejuvenation, being also responsible for the silhouette, projection and symmetry of a youthful, proportioned and beautiful appearance.

These layers remain closely linked with the facial vectors, performing a fundamental task supporting the soft tissues from gravity. Due to the passing of the years, there is a decrease in the projection, causing facial aging and also altering the facial proportion. The maxilla begins to decrease in its projection causing the eversion of the lips; the cheekbones lose projection causing the appearance of sunken eyes and a significantly more fatigued appearance.

Our commitment is not reduced simply to rejuvenating our patients, rather to prevent the anatomical aging process by promoting soft tissue fixation. It is for this reason that we use hyaluronic acid to restore the face and neck with a youthful and beautiful appearance for as long as possible.


15 – 40 minutes

Discharge from the clinic

The same day

Back to work

The same day

Fit for society

The same day


Numbing cream / local nerve block

Full recovery

Not exercising the same day

What is important to know before applying injectable fillers?

The professionals who are part of PD Dr. Richard Fakin’s team choose to use absorbable and biocompatible products due to the high probability that complications arise from other non-assimilable fillers with less biocompatibility. Usually injectable fillers have no downtime and have a minimal percentage of inconvenience as long as the patient follows the care suggestions after performing the procedure.

The result houses an estimated time of 24 months depending on the area treated, the denomination and the class of the product. Treatments applying injectable fillers can be performed independently or combined with other treatments such as  botulinum toxin , microfocused ultrasound / Ulthera, UPL / Laser,  superficial peeling  or  facelifts  to increase their length or as a precautionary procedure.

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It’s a highly pure hyaluronic acid that floods the skin with moisture from within thanks to its strong water-attracting effect.

The innovative composition of PROFHILO stimulates the body’s own hyaluronic acid production and supports elastin and collagen formation. In this way, the quality of the skin is sustainably improved. The result: smoother, firmer skin and a naturally fresh appearance with a youthful radiance.

The treatment with PROFHILO is quick and gentle. It´s injected at defined injection points in tiny amounts with fine needles. Due to its special composition and the special BAP injection technique (Bio Aesthetic Points), PROFHILO distributes itself in the tissue. Thus, the entire skin in the treated area benefits from its moisture-binding effect.

After the treatment, superficial wheals can be seen, which disappear within 24 hours on the face and after approx. 48 hours on the neck, décolleté and body.

One treatment – consisting of two applications at intervals of 3-4 weeks – is usually sufficient to produce a visible anti-aging effect. 6 weeks after the 2nd treatment, the final result is visible. A booster treatment is recommended every 6 months thereafter to maintain the result.

Recommendations before a hyaluronic acid treatment

It is unnecessary to accommodate the skin prior to performing the procedure. Our team of professionals suggest as care after hyaluronic acid treatment not to practice sports the day of the procedure, thus reducing the chances of bruises or bruises in the injected areas.

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